Naveed Shergill

Meet Naveed Shergill, Dentist in Greeley

Education & Credentials


University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry; Oklahoma City, OK


I believe in treating patients as I would want my family, friends, and myself to be treated. All treatments are done in a comprehensive, caring, thorough manner. I believe in rolling out the red carpet for every patient, every time.


I am an international dentist from India. I have been practicing since 2019. I like to travel, hike, eat good food, and knock things off my bucket list with my wonderful wife. I am an avid learner, always looking for adventurous opportunities.


Dean's List at UCSB, OU Dental School Scholarship

Professional Associations

California Dental Association, American Dental Association

Volunteer/Service Experience

Dental Volunteer Drives in India and OU


I like to read quite a bit. My favorite movie is Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. My favorite book is 1984, and I am currently reading The Gray Man series. I am PADI-certified and looking to shark-dive.

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